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The Computer Screen and Semiotics of Space March 27, 2012

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Personally, I own a laptop and an Ipad and I often find myself choosing to use my Ipad over my laptop nine times out of ten. My laptop is pretty much obsolete to my use besides the ten page paper here and a flash project every now and again. There is something about using my fingers to manipulate the screen and the information it shows me that allows me to have a different experience with it. Especially because I am not 100% up to date in the new-age technology of the smart phone in which I could use a touch screen to do everyday tasks I find it all the more appealing to do so on a tablet. I feel that even though a computer screen can display information in a similar way a laptop can, even a laptop can be favorable in the way that it is so portable that once can research something from across the world, finding pictures or writing a paper from a park bench or cafe far from their homes. It gives people the chance to really get into their work and find inspiration on their daily journeys and put them write into the inter webs.

However, even moreso than the laptop comes the tablet which can literally be taken anywhere without having to lug around a heavy bag to protect one’s cargo. For me, it’s become an added everyday accessory much like my phone is to communicate and connect to the rest of the world. It’s the way I connect with many of my friends that I may not see everyday either through facebook or email or various other social networks. The screen itself allows me to see these people without being anywhere near them and talk and interact with them, essentially face to face.  The screen has even affected the way we, as student, function. Many students have switched to digital copies of books, downloading all of their texts right onto their tablets. I fit into this category of not wanting to carry around 4-5 books everyday and end up hunched over by the excessive weight by the end of the day. Instead I just pull out my tablet and am able to read, for any class that I may need to catch up on, no matter where I am. I always have all of the information available to me along with being able to simply bookmark certain “pages” and easily be able to return back to them with a swipe of my finger. I can do all of the thing I could with a book such as highlight and take notes within it but it has so many advantages such being able to increase the font size for those who may have strained in the past with the small text of history books or enlarge a picture to see the extra detail put into a work of art in another. No more will I have to fish out the light in my dresser drawer and clumsily clip it onto a book to read at night, only to have to adjust it at every turn of the page. To read a “book” on the Ipad is just a completely different experience than it once was.I find it to be easier and more enjoyable being able to carry around a book stored within it and be able to pick up exactly where i left off whenever I please without having to carry around another item in my purse.

I believe it comes with our generation though, being able to manipulate the technology in a way that suits our lifestyle. People are fast paced and want one-stop shopping which is what it has allowed us to do. Being in a fast paced world it has even effected the way we speak, and text, to each other. Abbreviations have become a way of life and when they show up in that little whale bubble on the screen we all know exactly what they mean. If someone asks me a question or if I happen to have a few minutes on my hand the first thing I do is pull out my Ipad and find the information i need, or find something to keep me busy. It’s a whole new world inside the screen and for me being able to use my hands and fingers to point and touch exactly what I want to see is a great feeling. Having the sensation that my fingers are actually doing work and seeing it pop up on the screen as soon as I feel in under my fingers is extraordinary when I think about how I used to use the computer when I was little and had to use yet a another machine (the mouse) to do my bidding for me.


Crit Assignment #1 February 7, 2012

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My favorite two assignments were the typographical example on Dave’s blog and the spacial example Ben’s blog

I thought the word usage in Dave’s “clock” was what really made it interesting to me. The way the sentence “time waits for no one” revolves around the clock, as time would,  instead of being read top to bottom and left to right as one would normally read it added to the originality of the piece and really made me think that I was looking at a clock.  Even though  it was a bit hard to read at first, I also enjoyed how he used “running” and “out” overlapping each other at 12:00 as if it was the hour and minute hand right on top of each other, as if one’s time was really out. In using uppercase letters for out as well as using a more red hue in the font really emphasized that time was out and really created a sense of urgency. I thought he was very successful in his typography attempt.

Similarly I believe Ben was successful is in spatial usage of the work “milk” He used the letters in a unique way and at first I didn’t even recognize the word, which i have to admit was a little confusing at first. I admire the amount of work he obviously put into this and once he explained it, it made a lot more sense as to what he was trying to get to. I find it aesthetically pleasing as well as stimulating, trying to figure out the letters and where the “i”s may be going and seeing the “k”s trickle down the side of the page.


typography post January 31, 2012

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Spacial Post

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a project for one of my classes exploring the space withing text


Cut the music documentary: November 6, 2011

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Video and Resistance: Against Documentary October 26, 2011

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Video and Resistance : Against Documentary
Blog Post
Topic: discuss the use of video as a scientific or objective academic tool. Try to find a specific example that informs the narrative in your life. Address CAE’s concerns over ideology and realism. Incorporate the techniques you used yourself in your own documentary.
Personally, I do like watching documentaries. I feel that they can be very informative and someone persuasive and can give you some new insight into a topic you may not know much about. However, I do believe that many of the documentaries out ther nowadays, besides possibly national geographic ones, are made for that specific purpose, to get you thinking in a certain way. Everyone has heard the saying that there are two sides to every story and many videos are only going to show you one, filled with facts and footage of people being interviewed saying how their point is the right one to believe. And being called a documentary makes the audience trust them and believe that what is being said is unbiased and is everything they need to know about the issue but many times that is not the case. My dad is one of these people; he is an avid watcher of Michael Moore films and believes everything he hears in them. He believes the government is robbing us and Bush is a terrorist and all that jazz but he fails to actually research the issues himself. He is basing his whole opinion on this “factual” information handed to him in an easy to comprehend DVD package. While a lot or all of the information may be factual in that, yes it did happen, the way it is portrayed and talked about is often skewed by subjectivity. Everything can be skewed these days. People once thought, as it said in the article, that pictures were 100% factual and then with time can opinion showing through and people used them as ploys to voice their political, religious, and other views to the world without them really noticing. Everything is subjective when it is recalled from memory. I remember seeing a film about bystanders and witnesses in crimes. They did a study about how factual and accurate the testimonies wer by showing them a picture and a film of an accident and seeing what they could recall. When tested right after the accident people generally did ok and could still tell the color or make of the car but when tested the next day their memories were a little off and honestly should not be able to be used in an actual case. This is partly because memories are skewed, we all see things in different ways. We read people differently and take in information differently, focusing on certain details that others may not find interesting or important. The same goes into a film. When a director is choosing what to put into a film they are only going to put in information they deem important to their cause. One must also question the motives of the filmmakers. The article talks about ” workers leaving the lumiere factory” basically just being advertisement for the company. And who knows the motives of some of these documentaries. I remember watching one about how awful the food is from McDonald’s and you never know, it could have been made by a former employee looking for revenge on the company.
The saying “history is made in Hollywood” I believe is a very true one. differents versions of the truth get layed over one another until the truth is in there somewhere but it is under so much fluff that one cannot often decipher what the true story is. The article explained it well when talking about Disney that ” representation over representation makes for unacheivable originality” . And it works because after so many revisions it can no longer be true enough that it can be original. It later goes on to state ” the documentary does not create an opportunity for free thought, the viewer must just absorb the information” being thrown at them. Today an audience can just sit back and accept what is being shown to them and by the end of the hour and a half their mind has been made up for them.
Our documentary is going to be about youth in the arts. With so many schools going through budget cuts now they are taking away the art and music programs which we feel will be detrimental to the future youth. Especially in a day in age when technology is on the rise and so many are already passing over the arts as an option. What we are trying to do in our documentary is to inform people of how the arts can help young people of today develop and grow by showing them first hand accounts of people. We intend to show them clips of people playing music and painting and how it can help as an outlet for today’s youth. While we are going to try to stay unbiased I believe our point will come through about how important the arts are.

This is the link to video I found very impressive and inspiring. When I had talked about video and how they can persuade people this is definitely one of them. It’s a little girl talking about problems in the worl. While all the information is factual and the video is original, she is very persuasive in how she talks and how she delivers the facts


Shot analysis assignment October 25, 2011

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Shot Analysis Assignment
The scene starts out scanning the room with suspenseful music and all you see are people in black talking, except for the one woman in emerald green who really catches your eye right away. However her back is turned and so it adds a sense of mystery to her, making the audience yern to see who this endearing woman in green is. Then it cuts to a man in a viewpoint which one could assume would be that of the woman, he’s watching her… Glancing to possibly see her looking back… A longing kind of look is on his face. The frame changes to a man pulling out the chair for her and as she gets up it cuts back to the man looking away, afraid that the woman may see. Il like that they cut to him for this portion because when a woman stands up after sitting for a while she must often situate herself and fix herr drew, etc. and it’s appreciated that they cut to him for this portion because when they show her again she is walking towards him, respectively, polished up. However she never looks directly into the camera (seemingly at the audience and this possible new suitor ) and so it gives the audience the feeling that the man may be feeling of being ignored and passed over. It continues all the way to her profile when another man comes up behind her but it is still focused solely on her and more specifically her face. While she turns it cuts back and forth between her and the man turning simultaneously which can give the audience the feel that perhaps they will lock eyes, even though in the end they do not. As the woman leaves they cut back to the man in which he h ants his head in disappointment perhaps but the audience feels this longing with him as they never show a full on face shot but only a profile,nallowing the audience to assume what his full face is really feeling. The audience is put in a position in which they are watching this man and his slow motion heartbreak and I believe it was done very well.