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you know this happens… November 3, 2011

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random funny October 26, 2011

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this website is awesome.. kinda like stumble upon:



That song stuck in my head October 25, 2011

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So I have had a few songs stuck in my head for the past like two weeks… They are:
5 o clock in the morning
Moves like jagger
My hearts a stereo
This bitter earth

I am in the process of learning them and will post videos of them soon…. If you don’t know these you should listen because they are quite awesome 🙂


Color guard

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Colorguard is one of those things that if you don’t do it you just don’t understand. I wish I could explain it… It’s like a vice like an escape from everything else.nsometimes you just need that something that can take you away, from everything, and just let you go. You get lost in the music, in the movement of your body and your equipment. You focus on that and nothing else. Nothing from school or the workweek or relationships that’s may be bothering you. I love color guard not only because I believe it’s a beautiful sport and it’s wicked awesome how people spin but because that’s what it is for me… A place to get away with awesome people that are in it for the same reasons I am… Just to spin…. A guard practice has been going well and we’ve been learning some amazing work… I’ll post pictures soon


Just some stuff on my mind… September 21, 2011

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reminds me of my physics prof.
awesome idea

uh... yes i'm having a ball pit room


Password Reset Hell September 13, 2011

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The worst thing i could’ve done… forget my password. Today for class I tried accessing my youtube account but of course I had forgotten the password. So i requested a password reset however the original email i had used is a rather old one and I don’t remember the password for that either. So I had remembered making another youtube account a while back for one of my communications classes: Oral Presentation. I tried accessing that one and again got the same result. So i tried making a new one which just brought up a whole new plethora of problems. Because Google is taking over the world you can now sign into your youtube account through you gmail account, and for those of you at NJIT you know that your webmail serves as a gmail account (besides the all the cool stuff such as videos and all). So in the confusion of the computer world i tried signing in with my ucid, of course this didn’t work because that would’ve been too easy! After a half hour of tinkering trying to find my old password and trying to make a new one I just made a new gmail account (and for those of you who know me I have like 8 emails that i make for specific things and then just end up using my webmail for everything anyway). When i signed in with my fresh gmail account I looked… and I was signed into my old youtube account *palm to face* … should it have really been THAT hard? Anyway now i’m all set up for my class with my new blog and (semi)new youtube account… yay! *sigh*

btw my youtube accounts are bl0ndem0ment91591 and bl0ndem0ment247

it's a this kinda day....


Fish and Football September 12, 2011

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I have learned today that my “judging football players by their looks” tactic actually kind of worked! I’m not winning as of right now (because of my kicker being an old man and puttin out his hip) but i’m not doing bad by any means. So we’ll just have to see how the rest of the season goes… tonight is the Cowboys vs. the Jets!

On another note my birthday is coming up really soon and my boyfriend Gagi ( a nickname which i’d rather not get into right now) got my a pink (which for anyone who knows me makes total sense) beta fishtank :D. Last summer i had to get rid of my kitten so having something else living in the room is a nice change. Still need to get some decorations and stuff but overall he’s content 🙂

Sorry this one was a bit boring, been a long day… i’ll make it better *pinky* promise