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Football update October 25, 2011

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Yea so this ones going to be a short post… Haven’t been doing all that great in the league… I allowed a friend to mess with my team with the rule that the players had to be good looking and of course it didn’t work out all that well :p oh well not that big of a loss


I Won! September 21, 2011

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i won my second matchup… so in spite of my last matchup (which for those of you who are too lazy to scroll down and see that i lost by 2 points) i won!!!… by 15 woot woot! Pittsburg defense stepped it up this week!


Fish and Football September 12, 2011

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I have learned today that my “judging football players by their looks” tactic actually kind of worked! I’m not winning as of right now (because of my kicker being an old man and puttin out his hip) but i’m not doing bad by any means. So we’ll just have to see how the rest of the season goes… tonight is the Cowboys vs. the Jets!

On another note my birthday is coming up really soon and my boyfriend Gagi ( a nickname which i’d rather not get into right now) got my a pink (which for anyone who knows me makes total sense) beta fishtank :D. Last summer i had to get rid of my kitten so having something else living in the room is a nice change. Still need to get some decorations and stuff but overall he’s content 🙂

Sorry this one was a bit boring, been a long day… i’ll make it better *pinky* promise


Fantasy Football September 8, 2011

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So i’m completely new to the whole fantasy football thing but my friend forced me into joining and so here I am. First of all i would like to point out that I don’t really follow football… at all. I know the basic rules but that’s about it. I literally chose my team based on their looks :p However while talking to a friend turns out I picked a pretty decent team (which only tells me that hot guys play better) I mean come on i have Aaron Rodgers as my qb (which i heard was awesome). My only downfall was that i accidentally chose an injured kicker. So i’m kick of screwed for this week but we’ll see how I do.

My team: a$$whoopers

go football