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The Computer Screen and Semiotics of Space March 27, 2012

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Personally, I own a laptop and an Ipad and I often find myself choosing to use my Ipad over my laptop nine times out of ten. My laptop is pretty much obsolete to my use besides the ten page paper here and a flash project every now and again. There is something about using my fingers to manipulate the screen and the information it shows me that allows me to have a different experience with it. Especially because I am not 100% up to date in the new-age technology of the smart phone in which I could use a touch screen to do everyday tasks I find it all the more appealing to do so on a tablet. I feel that even though a computer screen can display information in a similar way a laptop can, even a laptop can be favorable in the way that it is so portable that once can research something from across the world, finding pictures or writing a paper from a park bench or cafe far from their homes. It gives people the chance to really get into their work and find inspiration on their daily journeys and put them write into the inter webs.

However, even moreso than the laptop comes the tablet which can literally be taken anywhere without having to lug around a heavy bag to protect one’s cargo. For me, it’s become an added everyday accessory much like my phone is to communicate and connect to the rest of the world. It’s the way I connect with many of my friends that I may not see everyday either through facebook or email or various other social networks. The screen itself allows me to see these people without being anywhere near them and talk and interact with them, essentially face to face.  The screen has even affected the way we, as student, function. Many students have switched to digital copies of books, downloading all of their texts right onto their tablets. I fit into this category of not wanting to carry around 4-5 books everyday and end up hunched over by the excessive weight by the end of the day. Instead I just pull out my tablet and am able to read, for any class that I may need to catch up on, no matter where I am. I always have all of the information available to me along with being able to simply bookmark certain “pages” and easily be able to return back to them with a swipe of my finger. I can do all of the thing I could with a book such as highlight and take notes within it but it has so many advantages such being able to increase the font size for those who may have strained in the past with the small text of history books or enlarge a picture to see the extra detail put into a work of art in another. No more will I have to fish out the light in my dresser drawer and clumsily clip it onto a book to read at night, only to have to adjust it at every turn of the page. To read a “book” on the Ipad is just a completely different experience than it once was.I find it to be easier and more enjoyable being able to carry around a book stored within it and be able to pick up exactly where i left off whenever I please without having to carry around another item in my purse.

I believe it comes with our generation though, being able to manipulate the technology in a way that suits our lifestyle. People are fast paced and want one-stop shopping which is what it has allowed us to do. Being in a fast paced world it has even effected the way we speak, and text, to each other. Abbreviations have become a way of life and when they show up in that little whale bubble on the screen we all know exactly what they mean. If someone asks me a question or if I happen to have a few minutes on my hand the first thing I do is pull out my Ipad and find the information i need, or find something to keep me busy. It’s a whole new world inside the screen and for me being able to use my hands and fingers to point and touch exactly what I want to see is a great feeling. Having the sensation that my fingers are actually doing work and seeing it pop up on the screen as soon as I feel in under my fingers is extraordinary when I think about how I used to use the computer when I was little and had to use yet a another machine (the mouse) to do my bidding for me.


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