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Crit Assignment #1 February 7, 2012

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My favorite two assignments were the typographical example on Dave’s blog and the spacial example Ben’s blog

I thought the word usage in Dave’s “clock” was what really made it interesting to me. The way the sentence “time waits for no one” revolves around the clock, as time would,  instead of being read top to bottom and left to right as one would normally read it added to the originality of the piece and really made me think that I was looking at a clock.  Even though  it was a bit hard to read at first, I also enjoyed how he used “running” and “out” overlapping each other at 12:00 as if it was the hour and minute hand right on top of each other, as if one’s time was really out. In using uppercase letters for out as well as using a more red hue in the font really emphasized that time was out and really created a sense of urgency. I thought he was very successful in his typography attempt.

Similarly I believe Ben was successful is in spatial usage of the work “milk” He used the letters in a unique way and at first I didn’t even recognize the word, which i have to admit was a little confusing at first. I admire the amount of work he obviously put into this and once he explained it, it made a lot more sense as to what he was trying to get to. I find it aesthetically pleasing as well as stimulating, trying to figure out the letters and where the “i”s may be going and seeing the “k”s trickle down the side of the page.


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